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Unlike other injuries, one can recover for injuries caused by dogs or other domestic animals without proof that the owner was negligent.  It is a form of strict liability.  The law allows a claim against the owner or keeper of an animal where the animal causes injury, without provocation, when the injured person was peacefully conducting himself in a place where he legally could be.

If you can prove that the owner or keeper of the animal knew that it was vicious or dangerous, this gives you another basis for recovery.

Many people are hurt by their friends’, relatives’, or acquaintances’ pets.  Frequently they do not want to make a claim because they are concerned that the animal’s owner will be forced to pay the claim out of their own pocket.  However, the animal owner’s homeowner’s insurance will pay the claim, regardless of where the occurrence took place.  Homeowner’s insurance protects not just one’s home but it protects the homeowner as well.  It pays most injury claims against the homeowner, or his relatives that live with him. 

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