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These are accidents that occur in the workplace.  Most frequently they occur in places where machinery or vehicles are used.  They include falls, forklift injuries, and injuries from hands being caught in machinery.  Of course, workerís compensation laws apply to these accidents.  However, in many cases you may have a negligence action against the person who caused the injury.  You may also have a products liability action against the manufacturer of a machine.  (See Products Liability)

You have a negligence case where the negligence of someone other than your co-employee causes your injury.  Thus, a truck driver who is making a delivery at a plant and is injured by a forklift driver at that plant would have a case against the lift driver and the lift driverís employer.  Or if a truck driver was injured because of a dangerous condition at the plant he would have a case against the plant owner.  Likewise if a truck driver who is making a delivery pulls away from the dock and injures a plant employee who is still loading the truck, the plant employee would have a cause of action against the truck driver and his employer.  Of course in all these circumstances the injured employee would have a workerís compensation case also.

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